There is a constantly growing demand for better protection in the field of encryption and data safety these days. To respond to it, a group of friends gathered together and created Cipherflux LLC and made Delaware its home. For starters, we decided to concentrate on two things: while having fun to create communication system that would be bullet proof for its users. System, that would make us sure, that besides, us nobody else has any access to our communication data. Our data protection systems were created by us with the use of the latest technologies.

In today’s world, cyber invigilation becomes everybody’s problem. Biggest players in the area of communicators brag every day that their systems are the best and use end to end encryption methods. Truth is……none of them ever revealed their source code. Do you feel safe about that.......we are not. Here is our first step. Our communicator Black Hole that works together with one of the biggest and well known …..Skype.

We know, it is not perfect the way it looks but it works and next versions will surface soon. Please check what every single one of us can do not to be an easy target for Big Brother, whoever he/she might be.

To learn more about Black Hole, watch the following video:

Free fully funcional demo can be downloaded here

Your comments and suggestions are priceless for us and very welcome. Send them asap so we would know what we could do better.
Welcome in our world ….. Velocity of 2morrow TM