CipherFlux┬ę is a start-up tech company that is dedicating its efforts to advancing the world of security by addressing the issue of ever-present limits on encryption speeds.

At CipherFlux®, we understand that in today's marketplace, safe exchange of information is the most critical part of any business. But we also recognize the fact that lack of thereof is the number one limitation in the IT-driven expansion of global economy.

Billions of dollars are being spent annually to secure the financial transactions and to warrant a safe transfer of other sensitive data. Unfortunately, the Internet, the ATM networks, the proprietary corporate LAN's or WAN's, and many other platforms, regardless of their size, are continuously vulnerable.

Our long term goal is to arm businesses with a solution that would allow any operation, across any network, safe and virtually unbreakable.

We have developed a patented method that radically accelerates encryption algorithms. However, the uniqueness and importance of our invention pertains to its applicability. To this day, insufficient encryption speeds on the part of software were countered with add-on hardware accelerators. In contrast, our technique is applied directly with software. But the power of our method lies in its ability to significantly improve the encryption speed of that software without compromising its intended end results.

Our patent-protected Hybrid encryption software, is ready for download from Download page; please refer to our Technology page for further details regarding our new product.