Please remember that there are always situations specific only to your computer. If you do not find an answer to your question in this document, please let us know by email support@cipherflux.com. Someone will respond to you within 48 hours.

Cipherflux Team

1) BlackHole does not work or it does not retrieve contacts from Skype. Why???
a) Check if Skype is installed on your computer and if OS is Win XP, 7, 8 or 10.
b) Check if Skype is running and you are logged in into your account.
c) When you run BH for the first time on your computer Skype application will ask you if you permit BH to work with Skype. Choose option YES

2) Is it worth watching the video showing how BlackHole works?
a) Of course! Watching this 2,5 minutes video will quickly allow you to understand BH’s main functions and advantages.
b) If you want to watch this video once again you can do it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrAGMUQ2Uow
3) Are you planning on releasing version of BH that will work on cellphones? (Android and IPhone)
a) Version working on cellphones will be available asap. We are doing all we can. We do not want to give you a product that is half way done. If you want to contribute your skills or knowledge please let us know at info@cipherflux.com.

4) After entering the same passwords on both sides the person I chat with can’t read/understand my messages. Why?
a) The only logical conclusion is that even though you and the person you chat with, you think you entered the same passwords on both ends.....you most likely did not. Please verify it again.
b) Make sure you are reading text popping out in BH window not Skype chat window.

5) How to start chat conversation?
a) Very simple.....just double click on the person in your BH contact list. New window will pop out and you will have to choose if you have encrypted or not chat.
b) Highlight the right person in the contact list and click „Start chat” button in the lower left corner of BH window.

6) What does it mean „Dissconect from Skype” button?
a) Clicking this button will cause immediate interruption of communication between BH and Skype and closing of all open windows of BH. Some sort emergency swith.

7) There is a button „About” in the lower right corner of BH main window. What is it for?
a) This buton opens another window with all the basic info about BH application as company info, version, update and others.

8) Contacts retrieved from skype appear in BH contact list in green or orange color. What does it mean?
a) Similar like in Skype.....green means that user is available.
b) Orange....status Away
c) Black....User not available or not using Skype.

9) How do we know when chat is encrypted and when is not?
a) Not encrypted chat happens in pink chat window.
b) Encrypted chat (after entering password) happens in the green chat window.

10) How many chat windows can e open at the same time?
a) You can have as many chat windows (encrypted or not) as you want.

11) Can a person who we chat with use different password that the one we use?
a) Password must be the same on both sides to allow secure/encrypted chat.

12) How many different passwords can we use to encrypt our chat communications?
a) We can use one password for all chats or each chat might have a different password.

13) How to protect our chat communication using BH?
a) Once you choose and open a chat window with the person you want to communicate with, both users must click on the button password.
b) Next each user must enter twice the same password on their respective ends. After chat window turns green you know that your chat is encrypted.

14) How strong is our password?
a) Stripe in the window where we enter the password will let us know about the strength of it. Red stripe means week password and green means strong.
b) We suggest using the combination of letters, numbers and other symbols to ensure the highest strength of password we are going to use.

15) In the main window of BH, in the upper right corner there is a button that indicates „remaining time” (default is 3 min).
a) 3 min (could be set to a different value) means that if you do not move you cursor over BH window (inactivity time of encrypted chat) for the time of 3 minutes then your chat window will switch from green to pink and your chat communication becomes encrypted and unreadable for anybody unless you re-enter the proper password. This is to protect you when you leave your computer unattended going i.e. to bathroom.

16) Text in my chat window suddenly changed and became unreadable. Why?
a) Your inactivity time was longer than time set in the upper right time of main BH window. This time could be set between 1 min and 2 hours or turned off (absolutely not recommended). Once you enter your initial password for this chat communication your text will become understandable again.

17) Does BH keep any history of chats? (Encrypted or not).
a) Never, that would be against the rule of safety and privacy.

18) Is it possible for someone to decipher text showing in Skype chat window?
a) No, this text is an encrypted version of your conversation and can’t be decipher without knowing proper password.

19) Some text shows up in the Skype chat window when I click on send button in BH chat window. What does it mean?
a) This text simulates a pseudo logical conversation and as a result of it whatever monitors internet communication will not be even aware that this indeed is an encrypted text. This is one of our very advanced technologies called Phantom.

20) How, in critical situations protect data communication in our BH chat window?
a) This can be immediately done by pressing „disconnect from Skype” button in the main BH chat window.
b) In the next version of BH in the chat window will be an additional button which will immediately change out text to the encrypted form. After entering original password our original text will be visible again.

21) How do I know if there is a newer version of BH app?
a) Fill up the form on our website and you will be automatically informed if there is a new version. Here is the link http://www.cipherflux.com/form/
b) Click on the „About” button in main BH window and in the next window that will pop out please click on “Check for updates” button.

Please remember that there are always situations specific only to your computer. If you do not find an answer to your question in this document, please let us know by email support@cipherflux.com. Someone will respond to you within 48 hours.

Cipherflux Team