We have decided not to bore you with long technical descriptions that nobody reads anyway. Instead, here is a short description of our latest achievement.

The software is called BlackHole© and is designed to protect your data. The technology is bulletproof, assuming that you follow all the recommendations from our technical team.

Key features of the BlackHole© solution:


BlackHole© application uses a combination of:


Our method gives you two options: using key or pasword. Everybody is familiar with passwords but not everybody is aware that an easily created key is a 65536-bit random data.

A fairly complex password like “Water@12” is 64-bit data. Many data-protection applications available on the market would prompt you to select a password of such naive complexity. Unfortunately, someone with a reasonably sophisticated equipment could brake it in a very short time. The very same password created in BlackHole© is extremely difficult to break because , before our application will use for encryption, it first converts that password into a form of a key.

But most importantly, if you elect BlackHole© to create a key for you utilizing a complicated random scheme, your data security becomes virtually unbreakable.

In addition, BlackHole© gives you an option to enhance the level of security while using SKYPE CHAT. Click here to find out how to ensure complete privacy while chatting with your contacts via SKYPE CHAT.

At the same time, if anybody feels that he or she would enjoy reading the full blown technical specification, please do not hesitate….send us an email to with a specific question and we will answer the best we can.

For those who would like to find out more about underlying ideas of our technology, here are links to two of our patents:

Patent #1

Patent #2